Wanderlust Wednesday – Europe

There are SO many places I want to visit in Europe, so I’ve made a little short list to share with my readers. Hopefully you will be able to give me some advice & tips if you have visited any of these places! Hopefully I will be able to visit these places soon with my friends. If I didn’t have so many commitments and so little money I’d travel A LOT more, but I can definitely take some long weekends in these destinations.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Amsterdam is definitely top of my list, I’ve been waiting to visit for ages, there is so much I want to see like Anne Frank House, the canal belt, the red light district and of course, I want to experience the night-life! I am hoping I will get to go to Amsterdam very soon, so stay tuned for a new post!

Florence, Italy 

There’s a number of things I love about Italy, the food, fashion & the sightseeing! After visiting Rome, my love for Italy has grown so much. I have wanted to visit Florence for years, I need to tick it off my bucket list alongside Venice & Verona! Maybe I will have to take another multi city trip around Italy. Also, the night life in Florence looks pretty good, I been waitin to check it out since the Jersey Shore series there!

Paris, France 

Paris is another of the places that I’ve been waiting to visit for years! Its a shame that I haven’t had chance to visit yet considering I’m so close to all these amazing destinations. I’d love to see the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Pyramid and of course, go shopping! I definitely need to take a trip to Paris very soon, and test out my French speaking abilities!

Novaljia, Croatia 

A few of my friends have visited Croatia recently and said the night life is amazing! Its supposed to be really cheap to eat and drink there too so would be perfect for a trip with the girls! I’d love to go to Croatia rocks on ZRCE beach – it combines an Ibiza line up, with visiting a new place… what more could I ask for?!

I’d love to here your recommendations on other places I should visit in Europe, so please leave any thoughts below!

Thanks for reading xo

*Disclaimer – featured image is not my own and is sourced from pinterest*

11 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday – Europe

  1. You should definitely visit Florence. I love Rome too, but there is something so magical about standing in the centre of the Ponte Vecchio bridge overlooking the river as the sun sets. Even better if you get to share that experience with someone close to you.


  2. Oh , there are so many attractions in multiple cities from Europe! And in entire World actually.
    Don’t forget Madrid, Budapest, Odessa, Prague, Bruxelles, … just a few cross my mind ☺.


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